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Wuyuan Bay Sports Park - PRIZE WINNING Urban Design

Xiamen, China

Located in Fujian Province’s historic island city of Xiamen, the 60.4 hectare Wuyuan Sports Park will become a new civic open space landmark that serves as a venue for international competitions including WTA Tour events. The Wuyuan district integrates athletics and a cultural center with mixed-uses in a flowing green open space for the enjoyment of neighbors and visitors to XIamen. The design connects the bayside Wuyuan Wetland Park and the inland Hubian Reservoir visually and ecologically with a network of ponds, streams and water features extending through the site to create a “sponge city” landscape that controls and naturally filters storm-water drainage in a green infrastructure system. Integrating grading, retention and planted areas to mitigate storm runoff, the project addresses existing flooding issues caused by the basin-like landform of the site. A variety of landscape areas feature differing characteristics and programs, and have been designed to complement both large and small scale activities and individual uses.  Roads and underground parking garages, in combination with a new metro station and slow movement path system, ensure a safe and pleasant experience for pedestrians while connecting the site to other parts of this island city.

Collaboration: South China University of Technology (SCUT)